Bush Christmas 2016
Recipe Book

Bush Christmas Recipe Book

Bush Cooks Flavours of Bush Christmas.

Celebrating 20 years of Outback Talent

Bush Cooks have been honoured over many years for their ability to serve a delicious meal to a crowd with short notice or create a tasty dish when there is very little in the pantry! Many live too far from town to occasionally indulge in take away food so a treat is something lovingly made with a touch of indulgence for the family.

The recipes in this book are contemporary - boasting good healthy family food. The contributors have all been part of the Bush Christmas Exhibition over the last 20 years and many are producers of some wonderful gourmet products.

Our heartfelt thanks to our talented artist, Felicity Grant for her very clever and quirky artwork and the spin on Bush Chooks to Bush Cooks!.

The book has 60 pages of recipes, is wire spiral bound and A5 size.

An easy and useful Christmas gift and great to post!

Bush Cooks Recipe Book
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